Eyeliner Tattooing

Eye Lash Enhancement

Are you tired of perfecting your eyeliner every morning?
Some of our clients feel naked without their eyeliner styled to perfection. They tell us that they feel bare and wearing it makes them feel more confident. However, they have also explained that having to reapply it isn’t always convenient, and when it’s looking half worn after a few hours they don’t like the look. If this sounds like you then Semi-Permanent eyeliner could be for you. Do your eyes make you feel self-conscious in your daily activities?
Do you fear rubbing them off half way through your gym session or whilst on holiday by the pool?
We understand that having to face people with the fear that your eyeliner isn’t looking as perfect, or even as dramatic as your first application can make you feel self-conscious and even tired of reapplying throughout the day. Having this treatment would mean these issues would be a thing of the past.

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What can Semi-permanent eyeliner do for me?

This treatment is popular with both male and female clients. The procedure brings light to the eyes when pigments are implanted in the lash line. This gives more lift to the eyes enhancing their beauty. Ophthalmologists recommend eye liner procedures for people who have allergies to conventional cosmetics, and contact lens wearers. There are many different colours to choose from, anging from blackest of black to more subtle shades of olive green, sea blue, grey, brown and even violet colours. We will talk you through the best and most suitable colour options for you. The chosen colour at first is 70%-40% darker than the healed result, (this is due to the epidermal cell renewal) Healing usually takes between 3-12 day’s depending on the area treated and how quickly your skin heals, as everyone is different. All procedure photos are taken immediately after treatment.
What process should I expect if I decide to have Semi-permanent makeup with Bellisimos?
A consultation will be arranged to discuss the treatment and to do an allergy test to ensure you’re prepared for treatment. On your treatment date your practitioner will ensure you are happy with your chosen shape and colour. Once ready, a topical anaesthetic cream will be thinly applied, once the numbing process is complete you will be made comfortable and the treatment will begin. Throughout the treatment more anaesthetic will be applied if necessary to ensure you are completely comfortable throughout the process. Once finished, you will see your new shape, and after 3 – 12 days your eyes will begin to look more natural. Your practitioner will go through the aftercare with you, ensure you are happy and that your follow up appointments are scheduled.
What’s the aftercare?
After your treatment our practitioner will advise you to keep your new eyeliner completely dry for 10-12 days, allowing the tattoo to settle into the skin and to heal. Just like any tattoo the area will begin to flake, however this does sound worse than it looks, and is just part of the healing process. Over the next 4 weeks some people find that some sections of the tattoo may disappear, if this happens to you, don’t worry as it’s usually just a “vacation” and the tattoo will usually reappear before your top up. If some of the pigments don’t come back, our practitioner will reapply the pigment again during your follow up appointment.

Are there any side effects after having Semi-permanent makeup?

An allergy test is done prior to your treatment to ensure you’re not allergic. The only other side effect is, in some rare cases some peoples bodies / immune systems don’t accept the tattoo and rids of it naturally. Meaning some tattoos don’t take to the person’s skin, this is very rare but does sometimes happen.
Who cannot have Semi-permanent makeup?
Patients who have immune disorders such as Systemic lupus erythematosus, keloid or hypertrophic
scars, HIV, TB, tumours, growths or cysts. Clients who have had chemotherapy need to wait until their antibodies are back to normal. Clients need to wait 6 months after:
  • Roacutane
  • Retin A
  • Steroid treatments
  • Chemical peels
  • ​Laser
  • 2 weeks after using aha preparations

How long will the results last?
Semi-permanent makeup can last as long as two years or sometimes more, depending on the person’s skin. Most clients will arrange top up appointments at some point in-between to keep their look updated and defined as some fading is normal.
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