Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is a man-made essential nutrient that can effectively prevent numerous health problems. It is important for growth, cell reproduction such as blood and protein formation, and tissue synthesis. Vitamin B-12 successfully treats pernicious anemia due to vitamin B12 deficiency. In this article, we are addressing the importance of maintaining B-12 levels in the body.

Vitamin B-12:

Our body naturally gets Vitamin B-12 from animal-based food sources. During the digestion process, Vitamin B-12 is detached from the protein and absorbed into the bloodstream. Many people cannot absorb it properly as they are suffering from pernicious anemia.
The nutritionist recommends that the average intake of vitamin B-12 is 2.4 micrograms (mcg). Pregnant and breastfeeding women require more, between 2.6 mcg to 2.8 mcg.
Vitamin B-12 is a vital water-soluble vitamin that has many roles in the human body, which include:

• Red blood cell formation
• Energy production
• DNA synthesis
• Neurological function
• Nerve cell health

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Without Vitamin B12, the bone marrow cannot produce an adequate amount of healthy red blood cells. When our body does not have enough B12, then we face a lower-than-normal number of red blood cells in our body that is called anemia.

Some reasons for Vitamin B12 deficiency include:

Absence of intrinsic factor:

When your body has a lack of intrinsic factor, it causes pernicious anemia. Most of the time it associated with atrophic gastritis.

Generally, most of the African-American or Northern-European people, live to be more than 60 years. This has Atrophic gastritis and in the end, suffers from Pernicious Anemia.


If you have any surgery on the stomach, then Vitamin B12 deficiency can develop.

Excessive Growth Bacteria: Diseases like diabetes, allow bacteria to grow faster in the upper part of the small intestine.

These bacteria use Vitamin B12 for their own purpose and so there is no B12 left to absorb by the body.

Dietary deficiency:

If you are vegetarians and do not eat any meat, fish, egg or dairy products, this can be a reason for B12 deficiency.

Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency:

Pale or Jaundiced Skin:

If you look, pale or have slightly yellow skin and white eyes, this condition known as jaundice. It happens because of a lack of B12.

We know DNA plays an important role in the body. It also carries essential instructions for building the red blood cells. However, without Vitamin B12 production of the DNA are interrupt and you may suffer megaloblastic anemia in which the red blood cells are large and fragile. Large red blood cells cannot move through the bone marrow and so your skin can appear pale in color.

Weakness and Tiredness:

It is a result of a lack of oxygen. As your body does not have, enough red blood cells so you are unable to efficiently transport oxygen that makes you feel tired and weak.

Extreme Sensations:

Vitamin B12 produces fatty substance myelin that protects the nerve system. If you suffer from insufficient myelin then you may face a sensation of pins and needles.

Changes to Mobility:

If, you do not take any treatments that can seriously damage your nerve system. Gradually your way of talk and movement may change.


Some people with a B12 deficiency may experience signs and symptoms, such as:

    • Change tongue color and shape
    • Change your taste
    • Change the way you eat and speak
    • Mouth ulcers
    • Burning and itching sensation in the mouth
Some other common symptoms include
  • Depression
  • Psychosis
  • Light-headedness
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle weakness
  • Poor appetite
  • Memory loss


You already know that Vitamin B12 has many bad effects. So you have you immediately treatment it. Bellisimos Aesthetics has a professional team who can treat you and protect you from all the above suffering. They may ask your diet and about any family history of anemia. Your doctor will look for some physical symptoms and Laboratory tests. Such as:

  • Blood tests to measure red blood cells, B12 levels, and Methylmalonic acid level
  • Blood tests to check intrinsic antibody
  • Bone marrow biopsy

Before taking this medicine:

You have to avoid “B12” injections if you are allergic to Vitamin B-12 or cobalt. Otherwise, it can damage your optic nerve.

To make sure that Vitamin B-12 is safe you have to considered are some other for you there conditions that.

  • If you are already suffering kidney or liver disease
  • If you have Iron or Folic Acid deficiency
  • If you are taking any infection or medication that can affect the bone marrow
  • FDA pregnancy category C
  • If you have a breastfeeding baby


If your body cannot absorb enough Vitamin B12 from food, then you need regular injections. At first, a patient with severe symptoms may receive between five to seven injections in the first week to improve the body’s absorption Vitamin B12 from the food.

Our body generally responds within 48 to 72 hours and starts producing new red blood cells.

When your body reaches normal levels, you may need an injection every one to three months to prevent symptoms from returning.

In this process, you should eat a well-balanced diet that can provide folic acid, iron, and vitamin C. Some patients may need blood transfusions until the vitamin B12 injections begin working.

Your doctor may inject Vitamin B-12 into a muscle or under the skin. They also show you how to inject it at home. If you do not understand how to give the injection properly, avoid doing that. Because it may harm you.

If you are pregnant, have a breast-feeding baby or eat a vegetarian diet, your dose may be different from others.

In addition, you may need frequent blood tests. Carefully remember that you have to store Vitamin B-12 injection at room temperature, also away from moisture, heat, and sunlight.

Benefits of Vitamin B12 Injections

Blood Cell Formation:

Vitamin B12 injections can help to produce healthy red blood cells. If your blood cells have an irregular shape, these cannot move from the bone marrow into the bloodstream.

Prevent Birth Defects:

Vitamin B12 is important for the brain and the nervous system to develop properly. Insufficient B12 increases the risk such as neural tube defects and premature birth.

Women with lower than 250 mg/dL vitamin B12 levels have 3x times more chance to birth defects child, compared to those with adequate levels. Moreover, who has below then150 mg/dL the risk was five times higher.

Improve Bone Health and Prevent Osteoporosis:

B12 injections may support your bone health. One study shows, vitamin B12 deficiency in the main cause of lower bone mineral density that leading to an increased risk of osteoporosis especially in women

Reduce the Risk of Macular Degeneration:

Vitamin B12 injections help you to prevent the risk of age-related macular degeneration and effectively improve homocysteine levels.

Improve Mood and Symptoms of Depression:

Do you know Vitamin B12 can improve your mood?

Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in synthesizing and metabolizing serotonin, it is responsible for regulating mood.

Prevent the Loss of Neurons:

Vitamin B12 injections may effectively prevent memory loss, especially in older citizens. It works well on brain atrophy and improves the overall condition to prevent the loss of neurons in the brain.

Improve Health:

Vitamin B12 injections help you to maintain a healthy body and digestive system. Effectively reduces the risks of a stroke and high blood pressure.

Maintain Fitness:

One of the major benefits is that Vitamin B12 helps your body to convert carbohydrates into glucose for energy. It improves your fitness and you can get your desired results faster. In addition, it moderates appetite and so you can reach weight loss goals easily.

Protection from disease:

With the help of it, your body fights off viruses and infections and successfully protects against breast, colon, lung, and prostate cancer.

Rejuvenation for Becoming Stronger:

It helps cell reproduction for rejuvenating and improving skin. After taking B12 injections, you feel better and stronger. Other benefits are:

  • Improved sleep
  • Faster metabolism
  • Stronger nails
  • Mental clarity

Vitamin B12 Injections Side Effects:

Side effects and adverse reactions are rare, such as:

  • Red skin
  • Weight change
  • Nervousness
  • Light joint pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Pain at the injection area
  • Chest pain (rare)
  • Heart palpitations (very rare)


B12 injections are the quickest and most effective way to improve neurological symptoms such as numbness, memory loss, tremor, difficulty walking, etc. We are here to give you a comfortable treatment that will help to have a happy lifestyle.

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