Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

We all want to make us attractive and catch other people attention. The tattoo is a way that helps us to do so. It catches attention and draws focus by its beautiful man-made art. Basically, a tattoo is a design made by inserting ink, dyes and pigments and indelible or temporary.

When we make mistake to make tattoo it’s a lot harder to forget. Because it’s already a part of our body. Taste is changed day by day, at teenager age simple pink rose may be gorgeous those are the burden at professional life. Or, your girlfriend’s name latter may not match with your wife name. Laser tattoo removal is the most common tattoo removal procedure now. It provides a total solution for you to give freedom. A tattoo doesn’t have to be a life sentence because now you have the option to remove it.

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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is the procedure of getting an area of permanently injected ink removed from a part of the skin on the body. Since there are several ways to remove tattoo but laser tattoo removal is by far and wide the most efficient and popular method due to its high success rates and lack of serious side effects. While recent technological advances have allowed various tattoo removal processes like laser tattoo removal. In the past era, people have been stuck with their ink until the day they died.

Laser Tattoo Removal Work Procedure:

The ink molecule in tattooed skin is very difficult to get rid of. Because those ink particles are so much larger, these white blood cells are weak against them. So white blood cells unable to break it down and eliminate them. Nowadays ultra-short pulse laser is the specialised type that emitting extremely hot blasts to heat up and break apart from the ink particles. Different pigments absorb different wavelengths of light so laser has to be set to the right wavelength. Also, tattoos with different pigments will need a different type of adaptor to break down every type of ink particle. When the laser breaks big particle into small pieces then the white blood cells grab them and carry them to the liver so they can be flushed out.

Results of Laser Tattoo Removal:

Laser tattoo removal is an effective procedure that will be able to completely get rid of a tattoo. Though it will require multiple session for maximum results. It will depend on the specifics of your situation to remove a tattoo ink. The standard results will come from six to twelve sessions. Rarely it takes more than a dozen sessions. To heal your body, it will take at least six weeks between each session. The main reason for that is your body needs the amount the time to flush broken particles and also recover from any (temporary) damage done by the laser. If your skin has a darker complexion, you might be required at an eight-week healing time just to be sure.

Factor for Determine Your Sessions

Colour and location are the main factors for determining your sessions.


Your tattoo’s colour is a big factor in how successful the laser removal treatments are going to be. Darker pigments take fewer sessions to break down than lighter ones because of lighter pigments reflective ability. It bounces off of the light from the laser. Less light being absorbed means it will be less effective. Yellow and purple ink are those pigments ones that are hard to remove and they may require additional sessions.


Where the tattoo is on your body also determine, how many sessions you might need. That area where blood circulation is more their tattoos are fade away quickly. So furthest area from the heart (chest) like – hands or ankles tattoo stay longer and looking vibrant. So a tattoo from somewhere on your torso, that will work in your favor – and wrists, ankles, hands, and feet a tattoo will be harder to take off and will slow down your post-laser healing time.

Duration of Tattoo

You will have to spend less time under the laser, if you want to get rid of a tattoo you got a couple of decades ago, because by getting older tattoo’s fade away. On the other hand, it will need additional sessions if you want to get rid of a tattoo you got last month.

Laser Tattoo Removal Pain Scale

If you got a tattoo and anyone ask a question, is it hurt? you probably roll your eyes and say – of course, it hurts! A similar answer is okay here. Because here you applying concentrated light to your skin, so you might be feeling some pain. In laser tattoo removal treatments, you’re undergoing a treatment involving an ultra-hot laser – it’s just not going to tickle. Some people say it’s discomfort while some say the pain is bearable. It totally depends on you because everyone’s tolerance for pain is different. But we try our best to reduce pain level and make the procedure a comfortable one.

Re-Tattoo Over a Lasered Area

If you are tattoo lover, still want a new tattoo after laser tattoo removal treatments. Then do not worry, you are the right place, you can still get a tattoo on any skin surface that you have lasered. Many people get a tattoo lasered because they want to re-tattoo over that skin surface area. A partially faded tattoo is easier to retouch or update and make a new look. An updated one impossible to tell that it’s been done on a previously lasered skin.

Risks of Getting Laser Tattoo Removal:

Laser tattoo removal is entirely safe process. As long as it is performed by a competent, trained dermatologist using the right equipment. There is some side effect also:

  • Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation:

Sometimes it can change in skin pigmentation, especially for people with darker skin tones by producing either too much or too little melanin in the affected area. The result that darkening of the skin called hyperpigmentation and lightening of the skin called hypopigmentation. These are not adverse health effects; it is only associated with cosmetic. Both hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation are only temporary. Most of the time it cures within six to twelve months of the laser removal procedure.

  • Skin Sensitivity

Naturally, the process of attacking the ink particles in the skin with a hot blast to heat up and break apart particles can cause some effects on your skin.

  • Redness
  • tenderness
  • swelling
  • Bruising
  • blistering
  • infection

These effects may occur after the procedure. Like hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation, these issues will resolve over time when it undergoes by the natural healing process.

Reason for Choose Laser Tattoo Removal:

There are many reasons for taking laser tattoo removal treatment. There are a few specific reasons are shown below:

  • Bad Decision

This is the most common reason why people want to have a tattoo remove.

Many people get tattooed at an extremely young age at that time it might look cool but in adult age, the tattoo very often turns out to be highly regrettable.

Making a tattoo when you are drunk is often a bad decision. Avoid getting a tattoo while you under the influence of drink or drugs.

  • Poor Quality

Sometimes you will like a tattoo design that you have, but unfortunately, you don’t get it accordantly. One of the main reason for getting a poor quality tattoo is poor workmanship or inexperience tattooists.

Due to use cheap ink, poor aftercare can cause awful tattoo and slow healing process.

  • The Tattoo Has Faded

Frequent sun tanning, skin rubbing, and chemical exposure can cause serious fading if you are not careful. In that case, you have to remove the entire tattoo to make a new one.

  • Job Requirements

Many corporate jobs, as well as most roles in the military, require tattoo free body.

  • Tattoo That Does Not Represent You Anymore:

As life goes on, our mindset also changes so a good fit for your younger age tattoo, may not be a good fit for the person you are today.

It now symbolizing something you don’t agree with anymore, and so often people want tattoo removal badly.

  • Allergy

Normally it’s a rare case, some people can become allergic to various pigments and metals within the tattoo ink. It takes around a year to observed symptoms, red pigments are one of the major perpetrators for that.

  • Full of tattoos:

Some people have a plenary of tattoos that there isn’t an inch on their bodies left for new ones – so you have erased some to get a new one.

  • Starting a new life:

Some people want to forget their past, but old tattoo’s through them back. And so tattoos removal is one option to become a completely blank canvas.

  • When you feel bored by seeing same tattoo year round.

PicoWay and PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal:

PicoSure Laser produces predominantly thermal effect. It has the ability to Q-Switched lasers with nanosecond (one billionth of a second) pulse durations, but clinical research has found with picosecond (one trillionth of a second in length). It is an FDA-approved technology, usually, it called “Alexandrite Laser”, “gold-standard” as it utilizes shorter wavelengths known as Pressure Wave. On the contrary, PicoWay is the only laser that has three wavelengths in one laser system and is able to treat the widest range of tattoo colors and types. PicoWay has shorter pulses laser so it can break the pigment into smaller molecules for easier elimination. It produces a photoacoustic effect.


Laser tattoo removal comes with many blessing that is not available past. Now you can make a new start. In our salon, we give the best treatments with skill people as well as proper equipment to minimize side effects. Enjoy your freedom to make a new tattoo or go back and make a blank canvas again.

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