Fat Dissolving Injection

Fat Dissolving Injection

Modern science invented many wonders. It makes our lifestyle easy and comfortable. Nowadays many bloody surgeries replace by the little injections. Fat dissolving injection is one of them. In day to day life, we can see or feel some sort of situation that makes us uncomfortable. Like unwanted fat in our face, lips, and chin.

After doing regular exercise, maintain diet cannot shift those stubborn fatty deposits. Also unwilling bloody surgery. Fat Dissolving Injections are the solution for you. It helps you in achieving your body image goals, show the real you to the world. Fat reduction injection changes the entire mindset. It removes the hesitation from the mind. You can wear your favorite pair of jeans from the hidden wardrobe.

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‘Aqualyx’ and ‘Kybella’ are the main drugs used in this treatment. Both consist of “Deoxycholic Acid Solution”. ‘Kybella’ is also known as ‘Belkyra’ in Canada and Australia. Kybella and Aqualyx  fat dissolving injections are very popular. It helps represent the best shape of you. If it consists of various drug mixtures with the goal of destroying fat cells. It helps you to remove unflattering and stubborn areas of fat. It does not need any surgery so you can do your day to day workflow running.

Dissolving Injections Work Process

‘Deoxycholic Acid Solution’ are efficient at breaking the plasma membrane of fat cells. Then it releases all stored fatty acid. Lymphatic system then starts the work. It removes the fatty liquid and digested as fatty foods. The remaining part of the fat cells is then removed from the body as waste. The vicinity fat cells, increase in calorific intake. So the ‘killed’ fat cells never regrow. Most of the client see the results within 3-4 weeks after the initial treatment.

Usable area:

Fat Dissolving Injections currently used to several areas of the body. Such as chin, hips, jowl, stomach, arms, knees, breast etc.


Professor Pasquale Motolese, Vice President of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine was developed Aqualyx. In 2004 he presented it at the Aesthetic Medical International Congress in Milan. Globally launched in 2009. Aqualyx is a liquid compound solution. It reduces the biological life of fat cells with minimal side effects. It changes the surface tension of the fat cell membrane and enhances the permeability of the membrane. After that, the fat cells start to break up and die. Then it metabolizes through the lymphatic system and excreted from the body as waste.

‘Aqualyx’ and ‘Kybella’ work by the same mechanism. Both are forms of the same committed active ingredient. Deoxycholic Acid is a molecule that grows in the human body and helps us to break down and absorb fat in our diet. The initial approval studies targeted the fat under the chin. Although this molecule could theoretically target fat anywhere in the human body. Such as chin, stomach, outer and inner thighs, hips, and knees. It meets all the health and safety standards required by the European Union (EU). And so Aqualyx has been given CE (European Conformity) approval for use in the United Kingdom (UK).


One online survey showed that 1 out of 4 adults responded that they are worried about double chin. Double chin fat also is known as “Submental fullness”. It is a condition joint with unwanted fat in the area under the chin. It occurs in both men and women and can be caused by a variety of factors such as genetics, weight gain etc.

Diet and exercise are not always effective. Kybella, which has been on the market for around 4 years now, is the first and only Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved non-invasive in 2015, an injectable drug for fat removal. Kybella is perfect for those people who are unhappy and embarrassed by fat under the chin, neck, hips. It gives you the mental pleasure that you do not look older or heavier than you actually are. Without surgery, it removes fat that does not go away after toilsome exercise and maintain the hard diet calendar.


Double chin fat dissolving injections reduced fat on the targeted area. It also increases tissue efficiency to burn fat and effectively minimized submental fullness.

Risks, Side Effects and Possible Complications

‘Aqualyx’ and ‘Kybella’ has been permitted by the FDA and the European Union as fairly safe. It should be used between the aged range of 18 – 60. Although it is not recommended for suffering patient from HIV, Hepatitis C, Cancer, Bleeding disorders. And she/he has Liver, Kidney disease, Thyroid Problems. Diabetes patient and pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers are also not allowed to be treated.

Comfortable Treatment:

Fat dissolving injections are small so it’s not painful rather comfortable. The needle is quite smaller than the regular one. There nothing to worry about, we take care of you.

Patients experience average about 1/2″ reducing in the circumference of their thighs, abdomen after four treatments.


How fast you get your desired body shape it depends on quickly your body can expel the unwanted excess fatty tissue. If your body is pretty efficient at removing fatty waste, the faster you should see results. Treatment can take between 30 – 60 minutes per treatment and  Some people may see the significant outcome after 1 or 2 sessions.

However, you should probably see the results around 3-4 weeks after treatment but it could sometimes take much time, even up to 12 weeks. For example, neck and chin may require 1 – 3 treatments of 2 – 3 injections, while treatment for the hips and thighs may require 8 treatments. Fat dissolving injections never used as a substitute for diet and exercise. To see the results you should combining these methods. It speeds up your journey to shape your body without unwanted fat.

Results Lasting Period:

As fat dissolving injections permanently removes the fat cell, and make vicinity cells are able to burn extra fat into calories so there is less chance to regrow fat cell again. But a healthy diet or participating any regular exercise gives you the guarantee that these fatty deposits never come back. You have to maintain a well-balanced diet or exercise program. With an overall healthy lifestyle, there is no reason why these results will not be permanent on a long-term basis.

How Many Injection are Needed?

It depends up to you how many fats dissolving Injections you need and the area of the body that needs to be treated. You can consult with us about the entire process and how much treatments sessions may you need. In general, our most clinics will see the desire look after 3-6 sessions. It is necessary to keep in mind that this initial treatment plan will be an estimated guideline. The efficiency of your own body and the amount of fat you wish to remove are also a very important subject to count.

Radiofrequency and Laser lipolysis:

If you want to speed up the fat loss process, there are two other ways that you can combine with. Radiofrequency and Laser lipolysis. Radiofrequency lipolysis is a process that can also reduce fat without damaging other cell. An applicator produce heat from a distance of one centimeter from the skin. The treatment may take nearly thirty minutes and is repeated once a week for four weeks or more depends on fatty bulge and area. The goal of radiofrequency lipolysis is to diminish the volume of fat in a fatty bulge. Some patients may choose to have more than one area treated. It is one of the best treatment for reducing abdomen fat. It can reduce two inches’ fat. Laser lipolysis is another way that can do so. In that case laser energy delivered through an applicator.


Even with diet and exercise, most people have stubborn fat that seems unlikely to reduce. Radiofrequency and Laser lipolysis technology is able to target and destroy fat cells safely in 25-minute treatments. Both are FDA-cleared to reduce stubborn fat in the belly, love handles, back, thighs, and under the chin. Often women and men wanted to slim down specific areas of their body.

But they also do not want to change lifestyle. Physical activity and eating right are key to a healthy life. while these activities do not always reduce fat where desired. Diet and exercise also preserve all existing fat cells; it just shrinks some part of fatty tissue. In that case, the fatty cell can produce on a larger scale and make you fall again. It is very hard to maintain a strict regimen. So you are down by the unwanted fat. Here we are to help you. We have fat dissolving injection and Radiofrequency and Laser lipolysis treatment. With the help of this modern technology, you definitely back your shape again.

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