Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma, widely referred to as ‘PRP’, is a substance that is believed to promote healing through its use in a non-invasive procedure that involves injecting the body with a concentration of platelets. PRP therapy employs the use of latest technologies in the field of medicine to speed up the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

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Micro Needling | Vampire Facelift ®

Face Factor Vampire Treatment® is an Integrated Skincare System developed For the Protection, Rejuvenation & Treatment of the Skin

Face Factor Vampire Treatment® addresses both the epidermis and dermis

Face Factor Vampire Treatment® protects by applying white blood cells & anti-oxidants to the skin

Face Factor Vampire Treatment® rejuvenates by introducing growth factors & stem cells into the skin

Face Factor Vampire Treatment® treats Lines, Pigmentation, Scars & Hair Loss by increasing Cell Renewal Time, Stimulating Collagen, Telomerase and the natural Healing Mechanism of the Skin

Face Factor Vampire Treatment® PROCESS, integrating the use of Activated Platelet Rich Plasma, Meso-Therapy and Micro Needle Rollers, makes it natural, unique and different from other Skin Therapy Systems.

An effortless SKIN CARE and PROTECTION regime is available to clients

A fresh glow will be apparent the next day. The appearance of the skin will continue to improve for about a week and after about 6 weeks the full effect on Collagen Stimulation can be seen.

We call our treatment The Face Factor Vampire Treatment®

How do we treat you?

After consulting and explaining exactly what will happen, there are two separate consultations. In the first, the treatment area is prepared and topical Anaesthetic applied. Blood is taken, the Plasma separated from the Red Blood Cells, and the Platelets “activated”.

The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is then serially applied to the clean and dry treatment area. Instead of using Micro Injections to introduce the product into the Dermis, Micro Needle Rollers are used. This substantively speeds up the treatment and adds the benefit of micro-trauma which activate the natural healing mechanisms of the body and skin.

What is the so-called “FACE FACTOR VAMPIRE TREATMENT®?

PRP had been used in Orthopedic and Hepatic Patients for some decades and was evaluated in other medical fields. In 2007 PRP was first offered privately as a skin treatment in Harley Street, London, and was referred to as PRP Meso-Therapy or PRP Rejuvenation. But the media sensationalized it first as “Dracula Therapy” which later morphed into “Vampire Treatment®”.

Why has it taken this long to become POPULAR?

Even though the results were very good. Comparable to the much more invasive CO2 laser peals, the clinical effect was superseded by economic considerations

Why Vampire Facelift (as popularised in the States)?

The term Vampire Facelift refers to a medical procedure in which platelet-derived growth factors obtained from a person’s own blood are injected back into the skin of their face in specifically defined areas to enhance appearance and health. This does not accurately or fully describe what we do.

Why not call or pop in for a free consultation or talk to us before you decide what you want to have done. We’re friendly, reliable and can talk things through and answer any questions you might have, no pressure, ever!

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Some famous athletes such as Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal have been known to use this therapy to speed up healing of their injuries.Even so, more research still needs to be done to ascertain the effectiveness of PRP. A number of factors have been found to influence the effectiveness of this therapy on some patients such as:

  • The patient’s overall health

  • Type of injury. Whether it’s acute or chronic

  • Part of the body on which the treatment is used

How Exactly Does it Work?

Blood is made up of white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets and plasma which is the fluid part of the blood. Platelets are the smallest group of blood cells and are responsible for aiding healing by forming a clot on the wound. Taking a small amount of blood and extracting the platelets to later re-inject them to the areas that need healing is the basic idea behind PRP therapy. Detailed information on how the therapy leads to healing are still sketchy. However, basic laboratory studies have shown that it can be done in one of two possible ways:


PRP therapy can be used on surgical patients by having the substance stitched into torn tissues which promotes healing.


A mixture of local anaesthetic and PRP can also be injected to an injured area such as that of Achilles tendonitis. The area is then expected to be significantly more painful for a couple of weeks before eventually subsiding and healing.

The Following are Some of the Conditions on Which PRP’s Effectiveness has Been Tested on

Tendon Injuries

Recent research studies have shown promising results with using PRP in treating chronic cases of tendon injuries such as elbow injuries frequently associated with tennis players. The use of PRP therapy has also shown promising results on patients with chronic Achilles tendonitis(also known as inflamed patellar tendon of the knee). More research still needs to be carried out to prove whether PRP is more effective than current forms of treatment.

Ligament and Muscle Injuries

Most of the positive acclamation that PRP has been receiving would be its use in the treatment of acute sports injuries like muscle and ligament injuries. Over the years, PRP has been used by professional athletes with injuries such as knee sprains and pulled hamstring muscles.

Knee Arthritis/ Osteoarthritis

Some studies have found PRP therapy to be more successful than use of hyaluronic acid injections in the treatment of Osteoarthritis. There is still insufficient results to associate PRP with successful healing of knee Arthritis on a larger group of patients.

Hair loss

Doctors have been involved in the research of whether PRP can help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Some research studies have linked PRP to the successful treatment of androgenic alopecia, also known as the male form of baldness.


In recent studies, doctors have used PRP injections after surgery to help repair torn tendon ligaments such as on the shoulder’s rotator cuff tendons. More research still needs to be done to prove it’s effectiveness.

The Benefits of Having Platelet-Rich Plasma

Plasma is among the four components of human blood that consists of the red blood cells, white blood cells, and the platelets. However, more than 50% of the blood is made of plasma. This means plasma is a significant component. Plasma’s work is to transport nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and various waste products. It also works with other components to keep the body healthy and functioning.

Today, Platelet-rich plasma is among the most trending topics in the health sector. Most people have learned about this new treatment but are not sure of the benefits. As the name suggests, platelet-rich plasma is a treatment where the doctor uses your blood. The doctor or the dentist will need a small quantity of blood to perform the procedure. Below are some of the benefits of having Platelet-Rich Plasma.

It is 100 per cent natural

We all trust natural processes and products. Happily, Platelet-rich plasma is 100 per cent natural. PRP is non-surgical and non-invasive. The practitioner users your blood to inject into the affected areas. Hence, the treatment is perfect for all since there are no chemicals inserted into the body.

Promote hair growth

If you are looking for an ideal treatment for hair loss, PRP is a good one. When the plasma is injected into your scalp, it helps to stimulate the hair growth cells. It also helps to produce thicker hair in the future.

Can help to reduce tendonitis pain

PRP can be used to minimise tendonitis pain. When the blood is injected directly to the affected areas, it helps the body to heal naturally. This helps to reduce the pain, repair the damaged tissues faster, and enhance the functionality of the joints.

Promote a youthful skin

If you are looking for a facial therapy that is natural and can help to promote youthful skin, you need to consider PRP. The treatment can help to enhance the skin smoothness and also to improve skin texture. It can also help to get rid of wrinkles. It can also be used to reduce lines and wrinkles on the face. This means you can be assured to have a smooth, youthful face after the treatment.

Can help with acne scars

Most people fear acne scarring. And since it is hard to have acne without scars. PRP can be used to help with acne scars.

No side effects

Another benefit of PRP is that there are no side effects. Since the blood is from your body, you can be assured that there are risks with the treatment.

Avoid invasive treatments

With PRP, you can be assured no going under the knife. It is a procedure that gives your results within a short time.

Reduces recovery time

When PRP is involved, the recovery time is reduced. Even though some people experience redness in their faces, the issue cannot hinder anyone from performing regular duties.

Help to revive tired eyes

If you have tired eyes, PRP can help. The treatment can be used to increase volume under the eyes.

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