///Chemical Peel Cardiff

Chemical Peel Cardiff

What Is A Chemical Peel?

It’s a kind of skin treatment that is applied to improve and smoothen the facial skin surface. Basically, a chemical solution is applied to remove the top skin layers allowing the dead cells surface to peel off. This peeling off process gives a new skin growth that is appealing, healthier, smoother and less wrinkled as compared to the older skin. The process of chemical peel treatment is performed by aesthetic experts like aesthetic doctors and beauty therapists.

Why Do You People Get Chemical Peels?

Chemical peel treatments are done to people having the various skin problem or those who want to look more beautiful by shedding the old skin or by people who want to look more younger by reducing all the wrinkles. The treatments can be administered to the following;

Eliminate Acne

The chemical peel exfoliates the skin and this allows dead skin to be removed effectively, the excess oils present on the skin surface are also removed. This treatment unblocks all the hair follicles as well as pores hence reducing pimples appearance and improving skin fine texture which was damaged by acne.

Reducing Lines And Wrinkles

The treatments completely removes the lines and wrinkles mostly under the eyes, also around the mouth if sun-damaged or ageing skin.

Eliminates Rough skin Texture

The chemical peels eliminate skin texture by helping to increase the collagen present in the upper layers of your skin. Lighten Lentigines that appears as the dark spots on your skin, the spot is also known as age spots or liver spots- Large freckles may develop when exposed to the strong sun on places like face, arm, and neck. Taking chemical peel may lighten the large freckles by improving their appearance.

Lighten Melasma

It’s a dark discolouration that appears as patches on the nose, cheeks, lips, and forehead. It’s common in most women taking hormonal treatment contraceptives commonly known as Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT) and also pregnant women. Taking chemical peels treatments can help to lighten the appearance of the discoloured skin.


It’s caused by having excess skin pigments. Chemical peels help to lighten the appearance of your skin.

The Benefits Of Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are very important for the treatment of wrinkles, uneven skin pigmentation, and acne. The human skin has a real cell turnover where the older cells get replaced by the newly formed skin cells. However, the turnover process rate gradually reduces as the age increases and sun exposure continues, leaving behind an old skin appearance. Using chemical peel containing glycolic acid peels off the outer skin layer of your epidermis. The chemical weakens the binding properties which hold the dead cells together and then stimulate the growth of new skin cells underneath. Hence removing the outer skin layer gradually. The exposed skin has a healthier and fresher appearance.

Other than being an effective and safe method for removing acne scars. The chemical peel is useful for lightening tattoos, removal of sun spots and age spots, and reducing large pores. When your skin is covered by dead cells, the bacteria start to develop and this causes the clogged pores to be infected.

The chemical peel treatments promote good blood flow, circulation to skin tissues which stimulates new cells production. This treatments also promotes elastin fibre and collagen production for the skin to appear much stronger. If you want any chemical treatments, it’s good to visit the professional Bellisimos Aesthetics in Cardiff, South Wales. We have the highest treatment standard available in the world with the best professional practitioners. Offering all kinds of aesthetic and beauty treatments from head to toe.

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