///Gummy Smile Cardiff

Gummy Smile Cardiff

Gummy Smile Cardiff

Your smile defines you. Before anyone gets to hear a word from you or even spend time with you to know your character. One of the things that clearly explains you is that smile on your face. Any sane person will want to display that positive look to the other person. Although many people tend to overlook it, your smile may send people away from you instead of drawing them closer. When someone gets to realise that his/her smile is not so much appealing, he/she will decide not to smile at all especially when they are not aware that the gummy smile condition can be treated.

Gummy Smile is a condition where when some people smile, they expose too much of their gum because their upper lip moves up above their teeth. Due to the muscle that controls the upper lip being hyperactive causing it to move up higher than normal thus causing the smile turn out not so attractive.

Benefits of Getting This Treatment

Gummy smile is not a life time curse. It can be corrected and not by an expensive surgery but with Botox. Botox injection paralyses the muscles. Controlling the rising of the upper lip when smiling and thus containing that unpleasant gummy smile. We use Botox because of its effectiveness and it is also safe. It is not a complicated procedure seeing that you just get two or more injections on the sides of the mouth. After which your muscles relax and your lip gets to normal, by covering up the gum.

The gummy smile treatment has benefited many who at some point in time felt it awkward to smile. However now they are finding it a self defining experience. Apart from being a painless procedure, its results are quickly observable. It is far more cheaper than other surgical procedures. Which also cost you a lot time putting it in mind that the Botox treatment lasts for less than 30 minutes.

gummy smile cardiff

Why Have This Treatment?

Apart from offering the gummy smile treatment, at Bellisimos Beauty. We offer a world class non-surgical treatments far above any other clinic known. We deal with all kinds of aesthetics treatments like skin and hair treatments, wrinkles’ treatments, fat loss treatments among many others. The treatments are done by our highly skilled practitioners who are so friendly and won’t take chances when it comes to your treatment. We believe in offering the best services at Bellisimos Aesthetics since your well being matters to us. At Bellisimos, the first step you take if you are a new client is consultation which is done by our friendly team whose goal is to help you to your maximum satisfaction. You are given a chance to express your concerns which in turn allows our skilled practitioners. Helping you in deciding on the best treatment plan that will suit you and your budget.

Allow us to help you with that gummy smile condition and get to the world of smiles.

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