///Hair Transplant in Cardiff

Hair Transplant in Cardiff

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a surgery which can be used to reverse both male and female baldness. I know the question on your mind right now is whether the procedure is safe and what it exactly entails.

Before we start reviewing hair transplant, let us first of all look at what causes the hair loss in the first place.

In women, it is quite unbelievable the rate at which hair loss occurs. It is more likely to occur post-menopause when male-hormones increase and female –hormones decrease. However, it is not un-common for the hair loss to begin during adolescence.

In men, at least one man in every three men suffers from hair loss. Hair loss happens when a modified testosterone hormone start attacking hair follicles. This makes the hair follicle to start producing shorter and thinner hair strands.

Genes do play a major role in male hair loss. If you are genes are susceptible to DHT, then you are more likely to suffer hair loss. This situation is progressive and if it starts early in your life, you are likely to be very bald in the near future.

Several Types of Hair Transplant

There are two main types of hair transplant procedures. These two procedures work in similar ways. These procedures include the following:

Follicular Unit Extraction

In this procedure, hair follicles are extracted from the head of the donor using a specialised cutting tool. The follicles are inserted into small cuts which are made into the recipient’s head where they bend.

An experienced surgeon will ensure that the recipient haircuts are in angle to reproduce in the natural direction of a normal hair. The follicles will then grow healthy and strong hairs in the bald patch.

Follicular Unit Transplantation

This procedure involves taking a strip of hair follicles from the donor site. The strip is then subdivided into a group of hairs or single follicles which can then be inserted into recipients head using this procedure. The procedure is also called as strip harvesting since it involves harvesting strips of hair from the donors.

Is a Hair Transplant Necessary?

You could consider getting a hair transplant if the following factors affect you. Remember, a hair transplant should be considered as a last resort since it will last your entire lifetime. Should it go wrong, you will have to live with it for the rest of your life.

1. Age

The age at which hair loss begins to manifest itself may determine if a hair transplant is necessary. Most surgeons prefer to perform hair transplant in people above 25 years. If after your teens or early twenties your hairline hasn’t matured then a hair transplant may be recommended.

2. The speed of hair loss

How fast are you losing your hair? You may require the services of a surgeon to determine the rate at which you are losing hair. If the test shows that you hair is thinning rapidly, a hair treatment may also be recommended. A hair transplant may be recommended once air loss has been stabilised.

Hair Transplant in Cardiff

3. Genes

You might suffer the baldness that your father or grandfather suffered. A surgeon will ask about the baldness history in your family to help him determine the speed at which you are likely to lose hair. If it is genetic, you are more likely to go bald on other areas not covered by the hair transplant.

4. Donor area characteristics

The surgeon will determine the hair characteristics of the donor zone. The surgeon will be looking for characteristics like hair density and texture. Other factors like hair color and scalp laxity may also be considered.

5. Treatments you could be using

In as much as hair transplant is permanent, it is important to note that baldness in men is progressive. You are more likely to go bald on other parts of your head not covered by the transplant.

For this reason your surgeon may also advise you to use treatment as a means to reduce the progression of baldness. Using recommended treatment will also prevent shock loss.

6. Your lifestyle and overall health

Address any serious medical conditions you may be experiencing before you undergo a hair transplant. Certain medications and chronic diseases may alter the success of hair transplant.

Benefits of a Hair Transplant

You may ask yourself if there are benefits that you will enjoy after having a hair transplant. Of course there are several benefits of having a hair transplant and they include the following:

– Having a hair transplant can boost your self-esteem. It doesn’t really matter how long the procedure may take long since it is a worthwhile venture. You will be drugged during the procedure so you will also suffer little discomfort.

– The procedure might slow down the progressive hair loss. Combined with recommended and trusted medication, hair transplant can actually stop progressive baldness.

– This is a completely safe and secure hair procedure. No unnecessary medications or chemicals are used. This helps to protect your hair from damage caused by the use of chemicals. Results of a hair transplant that people may fail to notice that you have had a hair transplant.

– It is a lifetime and lasting solution for hair loss.

Important facts about hair transplant

1. It is important to note that the procedure is carried out using your own hair. The transplanted hair will grow back naturally and you can wash it and trim it as short as you may desire.

2. There is no need to stay in hospital after a hair transplant. The after care is something which you can do comfortably from home.

3. A hair transplant is a permanent solution for balding or progressive hair loss. Your own hair will be distributed in a specific pattern in your head. It may take two sessions to be successful.

3. Having a hair transplant will not increase the density of your hair or change your hair type. The effects will be affected by the extent of hair loss, density of hair in the donor zone and hair texture.

4. Not all baldness may be rectified using a hair transplant. Your surgeon will be in a better position to advice on the best way forward depending on the extent of hair loss and other factors.


A hair transplant is a procedure which can be used to rectify hair loss in both men and women. There are several factors which cause hair loss but hormones are the main culprits here.

A skilled surgeon should be consulted for best results. The procedure may not be considered painful but quite uncomfortable. A hair transplant can alter the effects of baldness and boost one’s self-esteem.

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