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Nose Filler Cardiff

Nose Filler Cardiff

With the rising influence of social media, people have become so conscious of themselves. Trying to look good and feel good. It is through this that people who don’t feel they look good to opt to tweak a part of the body that they think does not fit them. It is through this that people have become conscious of how their nose looks or how it is shaped. With the advancement in the field of science, there is an easier, cheaper and a fast way to undertake treatment of the nose.

What is a Non-Surgical Nose Filler

Also known as the nose filler treatment, its an aesthetic treatment undertaken to reshape or alter the contour of your nose. This is an alternative treatment to traditional surgical treatment. Other than the reconstruction of the nose the treatment can be done for cosmetic purposes.

How it is Undertaken?

The treatment is quite fast and anyone conscious about the shape of their nose can visit the cosmetic clinic. Nose reshaping is taken through injection of a dermal filler. It utilises hyaluronic acids such as the Juvederm and Radiesse. The acid used in this treatment is produced through bacterial fermentation.

Before the treatment is given the patient is first checked so as to determine the best treatment. This treatment is very versatile and can be able to change the shape of the nose completely. The dermal filler is applied around the nose so as to give it a refined look. For those with bumps around the nose, the patient is injected below and above the bump so as to even it out. Once the treatment is taken the patient can go back to work almost immediately.

After treatment has been administered patients are given some instructions to follow. The patients are required to avoid alcohol for twelve hours. They are also advised to avoid wearing sunglasses but for those who wear glasses, they are advised to wait for twelve hours. Other instructions are to avoid the gym, saunas and steam rooms.

Benefits of Nose Filler

With many different ways of performing the nose job, the treatment has more benefits as compared to the side effects. Less time is taken and there are far fewer risks involved. There is also little to no swelling encountered after the procedure. It is quite safe since the dermal fillers used are biocompatible. This means that once they are injected into the body they are ejected naturally from the body. 

There is also little pain associated with the treatment. This is made possible through the application of anaesthetic cream that numbs the skin and also uses very thin needles which reduces the pain significantly.

Compared to surgery, which may bring about complications or the results may be unfavourable most people prefer the nose filler treatment. Additionally, the procedure is temporary and also reversible. Thus patients can be comfortable knowing that they can come back again after a few months or if they are not satisfied with the job done on them. For those looking for a permanent solution, they can explore the non-surgical way first and see how it will turn out first.

There may be some side effects associated such as redness, swelling, and tenderness but the good thing is that they are not a cause for alarm as they go away within a few days.

Why Bellisimos Aesthetics?

For those after a nose job look no further than the Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic. The clinic has state of the art medical equipment and well-trained staff. They use non-permanent hyaluronic acid fillers such as the Juvederm and Radiesse that are produced biosynthetically. The Radiesse that they use is a calcium hydroxyapatite which is biodegradable and can be easily absorbed by the body.

Other than that, the work done there is exceptional as most customers leave with a smile. With the staff knowing that the nose draws the most attention, they do a really good job and ensure that the nose is in harmony with your face and thus ensuring to boost your self-confidence.

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