///Preparing for Botox

Preparing for Botox

Preparing for Botox

Beauty is described by appearance .How amazing do you look or how brilliant your skin appears. Botox deals with removal of wrinkles and lines, the procedure can also help prevent wrinkling age of the skin.

The Botox Procedure

In the modern world Botox is among the most amusing non -invasive cosmetic procedure that is performed on the human skin.
To prevent interfering with the 43 facial muscles, it advised that the procedure should be carried out by a professional. Injections of botulinum toxin may seem like a simple injection but can really bring huge damage to the skin if not well observed.

Consultation Appointment

It is important to seek the doctor’s consultation to so that the doctor can know the areas to treat. During this period the doctor will provide you with various options for treatment and he will know how much Botox should be injected into the body. You will also be enlightened on the advantages and risks to be taken during the procedure.

Numbing of the Skin

The numbing cream will help you if you feel anxious .The numbing cream takes about 15 minutes to settle.

Drawing of the guide lines

Drawing of the guide lines helps the doctor understand the locations where he or she should pay keen interest.

The Injection

The injection is administered to the individual in the area of treatment. The injection will take a few minute to settle. You may encounter some bruising, redness or soreness in the area of focus. The amount of Botox will vary depending on the part of the body. Approximately 25-75 units are used on the face alone.

How long does it take to perform on certain areas?

Different areas of the body require a certain amount of Botox. The right amount receives the best results. In cases where the patient is injected with too much Botox he or she may experience heaviness in the area of injection.

How Long Does It Take Before Botox Starts Wearing Off?

There are various factors that determine the amount of time Botox takes to wear off from the area of injection.

Dilution of Dosage

Different areas of the body require different concentration of the dosage. Normally Botox is diluted with 1 to 3 crs of saline solution. A more saline solution means accurate treatment while a dilute solution paves way for diffusion into the neighbouring areas.

The Freshness of the Product

The Botox solution is prescribed to be used within the 24 hours of mixing otherwise it yield to lose its power with time .however the solution can be used for up to two weeks after it has been opened.

Body Metabolism

If you have the body of an athlete then you can metabolise Botox at a faster rate and eliminated if quickly from the body. The faster the metabolic rate the faster you get it out of the system.

Area of Injection

If the injection takes place in areas with large muscles, then the Botox injection lasts shorted than when it is injected in smaller areas. Wrinkles on the forehead last for up to 3 months while an injection to the crow’s feet lasts at least 4 months.


Older people have more wrinkles on their skin this means that their body will take Botox faster. While younger people have fewer wrinkles hence taking more time to get into the muscles. There are other methods that can either make your treatment longer or shorter. Let’s have a look at these methods.


Short Term Methods

Botulinum belongs to a group that is highly dependent on Zinc. It has been reported that patients who took more Zinc supplements during their treatment period exhibited fast healing properties.
The use of the Retin –A Wrinkle treatment can also assist in extending the effects of Botox .The combination of Botox with a tropical retinoid cream can decrease the use of an extra Botox units .in addition to this Retinoid can be applied in some of the face not typically treated by Botox.

Long Term Methods

This is the normal way of following the procedure .once you get your first treatment then the muscle of the targeted area tend to be the strongest at this point ..Following this regular use will prolong your treatment in the normal treatment. Ensure that the previous injection has completely worn off before taking any further injection.
Botox is the best solution to aesthetic treatments. Using the methods above you will leave looking amazing and attractive as ever.

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