///Benefits of Dermaplaning Cardiff

Benefits of Dermaplaning Cardiff

Dermaplaning Cardiff

Dermaplaning is a skin-care method that involves scrapping the top layer of the facial skin that contains dead cells. The scrapping is done with a 10 gauge surgical blade, but in a very precise and delicate manner. Once the process is complete, the skin is will be in a good, healthy and brightened condition. Actually, after the process, the complexion tends to brighten. So what are the benefits of dermaplaning and why should you book an appointment today? This is why this process will make a great impact on your facial skin.

Exfoliates The Dead Skin

Dermaplaning removes the part of the skin that feels rough and dry. In short, all that dead skin that may show a difference in complexion is exfoliated through this process. After the process is complete, the facial skin will be very smooth and flawless.

Removes The Small Facial Hairs

Dermaplaning involves the use of a sharp blade. The sharp blade must be in the hands of a professional dermatologist just to make sure that everything is done precisely. Anyway, this process is more intense and productive because the blade is sharper. Plus, the surgical blade shaves off the small bits of hair that may be unseen to the normal eye.

Creates A Smooth Surface For Make-Up

This process leaves the skin in a very natural and smooth state. In fact, the skin will be very even for those who apply make-up. As a matter of fact, once the make-up is applied one won’t notice the uneven blemishes that are seen in un-exfoliated skin. The make-up will just sit smoothly on the face.

Preserves The Skin And Prevents It From Ageing

No one can prevent ageing it’s a natural process that happens to all of us, but the rate of ageing can be reduced. Well, this process preserves the skin by making sure that it is not damaged. In a way, that makes the skin to look young. Additionally, it unclogs the skin making it easier for skin-care products to sink in more effectively. That too, will also protect the skin and prevent it from aging.

Friendly Facial Treatment

Even though it may sound scary because of the sharp blades, this is the most painless way to have a facial treatment. Other methods of facial care &treatment such as waxing may sound so easy but they are painful. On the contrary, this method will be very painless in the hands of professionals. The skin will not be irritated because extreme caution is exercised during dermaplaning.

Doesn’t Need An After-Care

Once the process is complete, the skin will not require too much attention in terms of healing. Unlike other methods of facial care, you won’t have to sit down and apply a dozen products to have your skin heal from dermaplaninig. In short, it’s a one-time process that saves your time and skin.

Are you convinced enough that dermaplaning will be great for you? Well, if you are, make sure you book an appointment with us. We are a non-surgical clinic in Cardiff city, Wales. We make sure that our patients get the most out of us and have a natural, flawless and smooth skin once they visit our clinic.

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