///Hyperhidrosis Treatment Cardiff

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Cardiff

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Cardiff

Hyperhidrosis is considered to be a serious and embarrassing problem. Excessive sweating is not one of the most liked issues out there, and it can get really bad if not taken care of. If you have tried all the antiperspirants out there, yet nothing works, then getting the right treatment will be the right option for you.

How to Treat Hyperhidrosis?

There are a few problems that can contribute to excessive sweating such as menopause, anxiety, hyperthyroidism etc. But excess sweating alone can be controlled by taking medications and proper treatment for it. Some of the medications that help in treating excessive sweating are prescription creams, nerve blocking medications that block communication between the nerves that enable sweating, and even antidepressants. However, these medications may not prove to be useful for everyone. In that case, it is better to opt for hyperhidrosis treatment.

Ways Excessive Sweating is Treated

Iontophoresis: this is a regularly scheduled treatment. In this method, the patient is asked to submerge their affected area such as hands or feet (basically where excessive sweating occurs) in a tub of water. A mild electrical current is passed through the water. The electricity and water minerals combine and block sweat flow on the skin’s surface.

Sweat gland removal: It is quite common for people to sweat heavily in their underarms. Removing the sweat gland in those areas where excessive sweat is produced proves to be helpful. If not, an invasive suction technique is incorporated to treat the problem.

Microwave therapy: Through this method, microwave energy is passed through your skin to destroy the sweat glands. This session lasts for about 20-30 minutes, and is very effective.

Nerve Surgery: This is usually the last option as it involves cutting, burning or clamping the spinal nerves that are responsible for controlling the sweat in your hands. And, this may not be applicable for head and neck sweating. This surgery is called the thoracic sympathectomy.

Lasers: They target and kill the underarm sweat glands.

Botox: Botulinum toxin is used to treat underarm excessive sweating.

Benefits of Having Hyperhidrosis Treatment?


Excessive sweating is an embarrassing problem that can highly lower your confidence levels. Getting it treated right away can help you boost your confidence.


Sweating too much can also make you really tired. Get the right treatment and do what you love without losing all your energy.


Hyperhidrosis is said to be a problem that contributes to unhappiness due to all the mental pressure and anxiety it adds to one’s personality. Getting the right treatment for it can significantly improve your mental health.

At our clinic, we provide the best hyperhidrosis treatment after carefully evaluating your case. Some of our patients do not even require intense treatments because their excessive sweating can be treated through oral medications as well. Prescribed creams works well too!

Many of our patients who have tried iontophoresis have benefitted greatly. If other treatment options are required, you can rely on us to perform it in the safest manner.

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