///Botox In Cardiff

Botox In Cardiff

Botox In Cardiff

Are you looking for a reputable Botox clinic in Cardiff? Don’t stress yourself, we are an outstanding clinic in Cardiff ready to offer you excellent services. Botox treatments have widely become very common in Cardiff, admit it! Every upcoming socialite or young stars have elected to undergo Botox treatments to look good and attractive whenever they present themselves to the public. The medications themselves are relatively painless hence undergoing them is a decision to consider. With the right application, you will come out with the most attractive face in the Cardiff!

Where We Apply Botox

Botox treatments are moderate and applied to severe frown lines or places between the eyebrows. It has increased dramatically ever since due to its popularity. It’s just a non-surgical cosmetic procedure performed in just a few moments. Apart from erasing lines between eyebrows (glabellar lines), it also treats a variety of medical conditions like spasms in the ocular muscle and problems with eye coordination. Don’t get surprised! It has also been approved to handle severe armpit perspiration and migraines.

How Botox Treatment Works

Botox treatments stop your nerve signals that cause muscles contraction which results in weakening them. It might sound a bit scary, but Botox performs its work by paralysing the muscles or nerves to prevent them from moving. Once the muscles contraction stops and relaxes, your skin on top of them softens and relaxes as well as making the wrinkles visibly softer, and since your muscles were weakened, the wrinkles will not show any deepness. If you undergo any Botox procedure, the results manifest within a week after the treatment. The results should persist for about three months and not longer than six months. The reason as to why you stop noticing the results is because over a certain duration, the Botox natural proteins get absorbed to the recipient’s body and the paralysing effect induced no longer works.

Why You Need Our Botox Professional Treatments

We usually apply Botox on the wrinkles around the eyebrows. It can also be useful when applied on crow’s feet, on forehead creases or other wrinkles of your face’s upper part. Since the muscles around your mouth are important to speak and chew, we don’t recommend its application on those parts. In fact, Botox treatments are not effective on wrinkles caused by excess exposure to the sun or gravity because they don’t involve muscles.

Nowadays, Botox treatments popularity has increased. Individuals who always feature in reality programs like Hollywood stars need these treatments. Also, regular people are undergoing this procedure because it’s not painful and leaves the patients stunning. Botox is a medical procedure hence it should be performed and viewed accordingly by society. If your face looks weird then come to us! We will correct your problem and resurrect your confidence level again. Botox is also effective in combating ageing signs in the face especially patients avoiding more invasive anti-ageing methods like a facelift.

Individuals Competent For Botox Treatment

Generally, competent Botox candidates should be in good health free from muscular or nerve disorders to prevent further complications during injection. We expect our patients to be at least eighteen years old, and not breastfeeding and/or not pregnant. When treating individuals who have sufficient knowledge of the medication who expect realistic expectations after the surgery and are ready to live with it.
We thoroughly check and advice all individuals who opt to undergo Botox treatments before performing them.

Candidates having any of the below issues are not competent to any Botox treatment:

– Drooping eyelids

– Suffering from skin problems close to or around the expression lines expecting treatment.

– Severe cases of allergies

– Muscular complications like pronounced weakness around the facial muscles to treat.

– Very thin skin or scars in the face.

– Extreme skin reactions when injected

We recommend any patient who wants to undergo the treatment to come with his/her background hospital history.

Botox is a kind treatment every adult who has any face issue expect. Bear in mind that Botox treatments are not permanent: the effects start to wear off after about 3-6 months. You will come to notice that your wrinkles start to become more visible and harsher due to wearing off of the medication. Be ready to repeat the treatment over and over for the rest of your life. Repeated treatments keep the muscles and nerves in a state of relaxation which in turn causes the wrinkles to look relaxed over time. For more information about our services, visit us or contact us. Our clinic is based in Cardiff City, inside Wyndham Arcade.

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