///Microblading Cardiff

Microblading Cardiff

Microblading Cardiff

Taking care of your eyebrows in Cardiff is a perfect way to easily enhance the entire look of your face and to make you look more beautiful. Getting them wrong on the other hand can be a bit of a disaster and you can end up with them looking unmatched or awkward if you are not careful. That is why many women use several methods to ensure they get the shape just right, with most applying eyebrow pencil to make it look thicker and sexy, while some opt for the quite extreme option of an eyebrow tattoo to make lasting beautiful brows that need very little attention.

Others can do wonderful tricks in putting on makeup to get their desired look, this will, however, need practice and tips from someone experienced. You can find eye makeup tips on the internet which are easy enough for you to follow at home. The course of such tips would depend on your facial features like your eye shape, your complexion if you have a bony face and what should be the perfect shades for you.

A few points must be considered before you pluck. The first one is, what form do you prefer your eyebrows to be. Are you simply taking away a few stray strands, or do you wish to enhance the whole brow?

Whats is Microblading

The dangerous world of tattoos seems to be gaining popularity over time. But we have to think about all the problems that people might face over time when they use these things. Well, we are going to let you know about what microblading is all about so you can know what you have to know. Microblading seems to be here to stay, and we will give you the information you have been seeking it. You can reshape your eyebrows with microblading these days, and you can also do more things.

Semi-Permanent Pigment

Your skin will receive a semi-permanent pigment with the use of microblading. This is a tattooing technique that uses a small tool which is made of tiny needles. You should not confuse microblading with the standard eyebrow tattooing. With microblading, your skin will receive a thin, natural-looking line. This line will blend in with your existing eyebrow hair. The line that eyebrow tattoos produce is often thicker, less natural than that produced by microblading. This is an important thing that you have to keep in mind at all times down the road too.

Reshaping Eyebrows

If you want to reshape, enhance, or create outstanding eyebrows, microblading is for you. This is tattooing technique that you have been seeking for a long time these days too. This process will fade quicker than the traditional tattooing techniques out there. Microblading will deposit pigment right into your dermis´ upper region during the process. You should not confuse a tattoo artist with a microblading artist because these are different techniques that require different types of training. These are other names that people use when talking about microblading: hair-like strokes, feather touch, or embroidery.


You have to understand that some things might go wrong during the process. For instance, misapplication of the pigment might happen, and you have to be prepared for this a soon as possible down the road too. Colour change and pigment migration might make things go wrong over time too. Patients do not have to deal with serious complications most of the time, but they have to be truly prepared to deal with them should they show up over time too.

You might even get some pathogenic organisms such as HIV and hepatitis C down the road if you use microblading these days, and you have to think about this at all times. Microblading will give you the natural-looking. Thin line that you have been seeking for a long time when it comes to tattoos. But you have to understand that this tattooing technique has many risks, and you have to think about it down the road. Reshaping your eyebrows has never been easier because microblading will allow you to get just that down the road, and you will have a lot of fun with it. You have to be prepared to deal with complications at all times, though this is not common for most of the patients out there too.

Getting the Right Look For You

Have a look at images on the internet or in a magazine for faces similar to yours and see what sorts of eyebrows match nicely. Pencil thin lines above big, wide eyes do not appear very natural. You likewise might be surprised how minimal trimming and shaping is actually required. Most eyebrows normally follow the bone structure around our eye sockets. So it’s generally only the strays or overgrowth that must be removed.

When you need to complete the look, we can use a bit brow liner. We put it in small strokes on your natural brow, utilising an eyebrow brush to combine it in. 

On the other hand, our eyebrows should be trim regularly the ideal way to this is through plucking, shaving or threading. If we forget to pull off the unwanted hairs on your eyelids it will look unruly or messy. This should be done before you actually do your eye makeup; there are eyebrow powders that you can use in order to have a more natural look in your eyebrows. Some would use this than eyebrow pencil.

With microblading you’ll be able to have the perfect eyebrows you want with almost no discomfort. For the best Microblading techniques on your eyebrows visit our clinic in Cardiff. It is located inside Wyndham Arcade.

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