///Benefits Of Microblading Cardiff

Benefits Of Microblading Cardiff

Benefits Of Microblading

Today, people are coming up with new trends that can enable women to have more permanent solutions for their make up problems. One of the most recent trends in eyebrow make up is microblading. To simply define microblading, one can say that it is a procedure that involves the implantation of pigment into the brow areas to give an illusion of fuller eyebrows. Contrary to the traditional way of outlining the brows with colour, microblading allows you to create hair like strokes. It is a type of tattoo that has become very common among many women today because it gives a natural look and it lasts for a long time.

Microblading Cardiff

As explained above, this is a very common trend among many women today. To help you understand more about microblading, here are some of the benefits of microblading to women today:

It's a Painless Procedure

The first step of the procedure when you get into the session is the application of a numbing cream. The cream is extremely strong so that you do not feel a thing throughout the procedure. What most of the clients have said is that they only felt a carving sensation during the procedure.

It Helps to Save Time Getting Ready

For most women, the most important thing when they get up is preparing themselves to face the world. The time taken to groom their hair comes in second after the time required to do make up. With the micro blading procedure you can save the time you would have used to fill in your brows every morning since the results are longer lasting.

It Doesn't Wear off or Smudge in the Event of Sweating

There are very many beauty products that have been developed that are said to be water proof but most of them end up being badly damaged at the end of the day. With the microblading procedure, the implants are placed deep within the skin underneath three layers of the skin. This ensures that even the most intense exercises and work outs do not ruin the eyebrow appearance.

It's a Short Procedure

Unlike other procedures like surgery that may take a lot of time, microblading only takes a few minutes. This ensures that the procedure is convenient enough that it can be fixed in your schedule easily without interfering with most of your plans.

It's Long Lasting

The result of microblading can last up to 3-4 years with most of the variables in consideration. While this is a generally long time, it is also convenient because you can be able to change your brow shape with changing trends. This is because it is only semi-permanent, and not permanent.


Every modern and professional woman knows the importance of good make up. Good make up can go a long way in determining the appearance of a woman. Microblading is a trend that has come up to ensure that women have better looking eyebrows for longer. In addition to the benefits listed above, micro blading is also very safe and the best option for women with hair loss and skin disease issues. When you are getting the procedure, ensure you find the best clinic for perfect results. Which is why Bellisimos Aesthetics should be your number one choice of clinic in Cardiff to receive your microblading.

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